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Ian Webster

I fight for you. My job is to make sure you’re not overspending; to recoup your money; to show you how to make money. I can help you with any of the following – and achieve positive results.

My nearly two decades of recognized experience at a number of high profile financial organizations have given me the inside track on the upsell of products such as mortgages and mutual funds. I can tell you what you need and what is just a waste of money.

My expertise has been featured in The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun and Time. I am also a featured financial speaker at many high profile networking functions.

Eliminate High Interest
Credit Cards
& Lines of Credit

Not sure what your comfortable mortgage payment is? Our mortgage calculator will help you find out which mortgage payment amount best suits your lifestyle and financial goals.

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Reduce Annoying
Tax Payments
To The Government

I negotiate with lenders on your behalf to find you the best mortgage rates. They’ll show you comparisons between different mortgage products in the current marketplace.

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Confusing Mortgages,
Will You Be Approved?

With so many changes in the rules and hundreds of rate options to choose from, finding the right mortgage for your family can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

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Will Your Cable Company
Be At Your Funeral?

Why do people see more value in cable rather than life insurance? Some people have no problem chilling in front of the TV while their family goes unprotected.

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Client Hardships & Failures

Problem: Client had over $60,000 of high interest debt and was sinking financially.

Solution: Refinanced their home and obtained a mortgage with a lower interest rate thus saving them $1,500.00 monthly.

Problem: Single mother was unsure of the benefit of a critical illness policy, but moved forward with it on my suggestion and ended up contracting breast cancer 2 1/2 years later.

Solution: Her critical illness insurance paid her out $70,000.00 giving her peace of mind and allowing her to focus on getting better.

Problem: Client had a lien put on their home by their creditors for $45,000.00.

Solution: Negotiated a 30% settlement thus saving the client $15,750.00 but more importantly removing the lien.

Problem: Young 38 year old client was advised to put their $12,000 in a G.I.C at 1.5% by the bank they had dealt with for the last 20 years. After 10 years their money grew to $13,926.00.

Solution: Client was advised to invest in a segregated fund which guarantees the clients money. After 1 year the client made 7% or $974.82.

Problem: Client had a tax problem and did not like RRSP'S (Registered Retirement Saving Plans).

Solution: Advised the client to borrow money and invest thus being able to attack his tax problem.

Problem: Client was fed up with his losing mutual fund portfolio and the emotional market roller coaster.

Solution: Advised the client to invest in real estate at a secured 8% yearly paid out monthly.

Why Trust the
Financial Fighter?

The answer is simple:
I will give you all the information you need
to make the most out of your investment.

Ian fights for people who are frustrated with their double digit high interest credit cards, loans and lines of credit; annoyed with the amount of taxes they pay to the government without knowing how to effectively reduce that tax pain; confused with the media pornography which has people frightened with where to have their hard earned savings grow feeling better in a low interest account and finally for those who see the life insurance industry as a great big rip off because of increasing rates or promises of financial security.

Ian has amassed many awards and accolades while being featured in the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Sun and Time magazine. Ian has become a featured speaker at many high profile networking functions.

Client Program Achievements

  • Eliminated clients frustrating high interest debt
  • Saved clients thousands in unnecessary annoying taxes to the government
  • Educated and directed clients on how to stop losing their hard-earned money
  • Obtained mortgages for clients with zero money down or bad credit
  • Provided insurance that reimbursed clients tax-free

Some Companies I Worked With